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Day by day, in the job market competitors are increase. In Bangladesh's situation, Govt's job is a (Golden deer). In this country to get a govt job, you have to a more skilled person. But the reality is different when you complete your study at your age of about 25years. At this time family wants to hand over their duty to you. So, we saw that they (student) make an advertisement everywhere 'I need a tuition', which means they want a job to teach our children as a home tutor. Or they join an NGO, Private company. Due to private jobs or tuition, they can't continue their appropriate study for a govt job. Cope up with the modern age,  Bangladesh is Digital Bangladesh. In the Education sector, blessed with a Digital system.

Now no need to walks with big and heavyweight guide books, If you need to study you can do this by phone or computer on the internet. You can attend an online model test. You can attend the BCS online model test too.

The online model test may save your time, In bus or train or like this you can easily attend a model test. People can't understand what you are doing. When other people use their phone only for Facebooking, at the same time you grab a lot of knowledge. In Dhaka, the jam is a regular routine, Sometimes jam consumes a lot of time. If you want to use this time, you can do this by Attending an exam.

Bangladesh, BCS as 1st Class jobs is important to everyone. So now we will discuss BCS but most of the jobs in Bangladesh are follow the same systems (by  BPSC) and the MCQ question pattern is mostly similar. Generally, the BCS exam candidate is too much, they want to overcome their secret skill as they will be a success in the examination. Find out your weak points, and strengthen those. That is one of the main reasons to pass the examination. And for this, you should have analytical skills.


                          online model test result analysis

1. Online model test results analysis -Rajtechteam


Some coaching center has a motivational speaker who is a motivated student by analyzing the BCS questions. And for that, they need all BCS question collections. Rajtechteam has an online questions bank for govt and other jobs.

BCS as a first-class job we see that its syllabus is so huge. If we want to reduce or customize the BCS syllabus we need to analyze them. And the reality is analysis is important for the next step in the BCS exam.

At present, if you analysis the job market in Bangladesh. Simply you can find out a lot of things about the job market. One of those is 'Skill'. Men are so skillful in all sectors now.
The person whose skill is high, his success rate is high.
 The higher the skill, the higher the success.

One candidate should focus on every subject, every topic, even every question. You need to know which subject of how much marks you got. You need to know how much was total marks and how much you got and also one thing is how were the negative marks.

For your very kind information, Rajtechteam provides you all of those on several pages.
you can analyze like this...


online model test result -Rajtechteam

2.Online test result -Rajtechteam

See, Rajtechteam provided here a total of 100 questions, Someone had answered 56 out of 100 questions. And 35 are right 19 are wrong of those answered questions. at the last his marks are 25.5 ( 19 * .5 = 9.5 was negative marks ). we follow here, 'BCS marks obtain systems'. (If something was wrong please share with us)

You will know how many questions you got. If you are a BCS candidate, you must have known about the 41st BCS. In 41th BCS many people did not get entry pass for the written exam because of lacking 0.5 marks. So 0.5 marks are important in BCS or competitive MCQ type examinations. In those examinations, negative marks are very effective.

And one more thing is time. After the test, many people say that they can't maintain time for coverage of the paper's questionnaires. Rajtechteam gives you a  system that helps you to maintain your time during the exams. It shows you how much time you got and how much you spend. After submitting the exams, Rajtechteam shows you your executed time.

If you think your insufficient time for the model test. Rajtechteam will provide you a mini model test. Try this for a short time.


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